About Bubble Shooter Game

Bubble shooter is a completely fun entertainment arcade game. It offers hours of thrill, rejoicing, and enthusiasm. Bubble shooter is an excellent blend of action and strategy in the form of a puzzle.

You can find people of every age playing Bubble shooter and entertaining themselves after a hectic day to break their monotony of life.

Many people like to lean towards puzzle and arcade games due to the simplicity of the games.

However, arcade games contain action and reasoning to complete levels and can go after the next level. The Bubble Shooter at the HOG app is even more fun and entertaining.

So, why wait? Play and win lots of rewards.


What Does a Bubble Shooter Game Have?

The Bubble Shooter game consists of a bubble cannon that fires colored balls on the playing board.

The purpose of this is to pop the bubbles and stop them from falling to the bottom of your mobile screen. For that, you need to shoot the balls and make groups of three or more bubbles of a similar color so that you can hit and score.

In case you miss the chance to hit your target and put a bubble at the wrong place, the bubbles appear piling up and constantly come to the base.

Your game will end when the bubbles reach the bottom of your mobile screen. Thus, indeed one improper move can cost you so much and turn it challenging to survive the damage.

The further bubbles you put in one go, the higher points you score. You can win the game when no bubbles are remaining in the game.

How to Play Bubble Shooter ?

Once you download the HOG app, enter the Bubble Shooter game. There you will see a cluster of colorful bubbles at the top. You need to target these bubbles to score numbers.

At the bottom, you will witness a cannon containing a bubble.

You need to drag the cannon in the directions left or right so that you can target the bubbles at the top.

To score points, you need to match three or more bubbles to burst.

If you want to swap the bubbles, you can utilize the switch to shift the cannon from center to left.