About Carrom Game

Carrom is a classic board game of India. It originated in the South Asian subcontinent. The game is known in several languages. It is a household game that can be played by several players.

In this game, you have to pot all the coins before your opponent to win the game. Play Carrom online, now available on the HOG app.

Carrom is a classic Indian tabletop game that simulates snooker or Cue sports, and likewise the other modern games of Subbuteo and air hockey.

However, Carrom is played by pushing discs with the fingers aiming to pot the coins into one of four hole sacks on a wooden carrom board.

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Rules for Carrom

Carrom members get turns to play. A turn may include one or more strikes. An opponent or the player wins by putting all of the coins of their preferred color first.

However, no member can win until one of them puts the Queen in a hole. To reach the Queen, a carrom player must put one of the white or black coins immediately after putting the Queen.

If the Queen is pocketed on the hole but not covered by the black or white coin immediately, the Queen is put on the carrom.

Both opponents commonly attack to reach the Queen in addition to seeking to win the game, a player wins and can also keep the Queen as bonus points.

Carrom Board Game Rules

  1. At the first time, the player is granted three attempts to crack i.e. distort the pivotal group of coins.

  2. It doesn’t imply which coin the player strikes first and it doesn’t count if the player does not strike on any coin.

  3. If the player conceals the Queen and one more coin, the player saves the player and gets another chance.

  4. If the opponent conceals no coin or carries out a foul, the change ends.

  5. The carrom player may merely sack and put the Queen if that opponent has previously concealed at least one coin of that opponent’s color.

  6. Should an opponent bag the Queen before being enabled to put it on a hole, the change remains but the Queen will come back to the center at the end of the action.

  7. If an opponent conceals the Queen and one of the coins in the same corner, this counts and that opponent covers the Queen.

  8. When a player conceals the Queen but does not reach it, the Queen is returned to the center circle by the rival.

What are the Ordanert Terms utilized in Carrom Game?

Queen - It is a red-hued wooden carrom coin set at the center of the board at the opening of the game.

Foul − Any false strike by the participant is seen as a foul. The player has to miss their chance or pay a penalty of one carrom coin.

Break − The first strike by any player on the board is known as a break.

Push − It is a sudden pull of the carrom board while playing. Therefore, it is known as foul.

Due − It is a penalty or fine term when the opponent does a foul and puts his carrom coins in the center.

Penalty − A penalty is distinct from foul and it is relevant when an opponent disobeys the rules of carrom.

Covering − It is a pocketing coin as a cover for the red coin.

Thumbing − Any good strike played by the player using a thumb is known as a thumbing.

White slam - It is pocketing all-white coins with or without red coins on the first chance.

Black slam - Pocketing all-black coins with or without red coin at the first chance.