About Chess Game

How to Play Chess Game on the HOG App?

To start playing Chess on the HOG app, you need to move a pawn or a knight.

  • Knights operate in an L-shape: Out two spaces and over one. Knights are the only piece in Chess that can skip over other pieces on the board.

  • Pawns can only proceed forward one space at a time. However, on its first step, it can operate two squares. They can shoot down, however, only in the directions of diagonal and forward.

  • Bishops proceed diagonally and can bring as many slots on the chessboard as are possible.

  • Queens are capable of operating in any way and can change as many slots as are convenient.

  • Kings can operate in any path, however, only one space at a time.

  • Rooks can proceed forward, backward, or sideways, as long as there is vacant space available.


If in case the opponent piece scares to reach your king, you are settled in “check.” When you get put in check, you must ensure your king’s safety with your next action.

You may either move your king or otherwise, capture the threatening piece that encircled your king.

However, Chess is won by putting your competitor’s king in “checkmate.”

This really means that it is unreasonable for your opposition to turn their king to security in a simple movement and that you have won the chess game.

5 Key Tips to Improve Chess Game on the HOG App

Playing chess on the HOG app is a new and exciting challenge. While the experience can be enjoyable and interesting, it can also be exasperating when you aren’t hitting your stride. These five useful chess suggestions have been compiled by our specialists to assist both new and experienced chess players in improving their game today.