About Fruit Samurai Game

If you feel like a Samurai and want to slice up the enemies with your sword, then there is no perfect game other than Fruit Samurai.

The Fruit Samurai game involves several tasks to slice up and shred as many fruits as you can when they appear on your Smartphone screen. While cutting down multiple fruits will also bring a bomb that will lead to game over.

Well, then you should try out the HOG’s Fruit Samurai game and experience the world of real Samurai. However, in case you want to feel like a real Samurai warrior then make sure to cut all the fruits that appears before you.

But make sure not to cut down the bomb. If you do so then your time will be over and you will lose the game.

So, play carefully to win real cash rewards on scoring good numbers.


Game Rules of Fruit Samurai

Rule 1 : The user needs to slice up as many fruits as they can to score maximum points.

Rule 2 : The player is given 60 seconds to cut the fruits which appear on their Smartphone screen.

Rule 3 : The Fruit Samurai player will get additional bonus points on cutting multiple fruits at the same time.

Rule 4 : Cutting bombs will lead the player to a penalty.

Game Tricks You Need to Know

1: Make sure to slice up multiple fruits

In order to score good numbers, try to cut down multiple fruits in one go than your competitors.

2: Use multiple fingers

Try to use your multiple fingers in order to cut fruits. It will help you score more and win more than the rival team.

3: Hold your phone correctly

Make sure to hold your Smartphone with the correct grip in order to avoid slicing up any fruits.

4: Avoid slicing up bombs

Slicing up bombs will lead to time penalties. It will also cost you to miss out on points.

5: Be observant & calm

To cut fruits, you need to be calm and observant. This will help you cut more fruits in one go.

6: Make sure to check on your timing

Fruit Samurai offers you a timer to look at to slice up fruits. Make sure to keep an eye on the timer in order to not miss it.