About Tambola Game

Tambola is a number or figure-based board game. Nevertheless, it is an absolutely prominent game, however, for a big crowd, it’s a new game.

People commonly inquire What Does Tambola Mean by Tambola or What is Tambola ? A player in this game picks a figure randomly and claims the Number/CUE one at a time.

Players are issued cards/receipts with figures noted on them .

If the predicted figure is present on a participant’s card then the player gets out that Figure on their papers. Tambola is played in Parties, Kitty parties, Clubs, events, and even at home.

It is a flexible and simple game to play in terms of a number of players, rules, and rewards.

In this game, you can play with competitors from 3 to 10 to 100 to 1000 and so on. Rules & rewards can be complicated revolving around the host and making it very fun. Players can play the game with 1 or more cards simultaneously constantly.

While participating with family and friends at night or after supper people call it a tombola night.


How to Play a Tambola Game ?

Tamobla is also called a Housie. It can be played in various ways revolving around the target audience.

Usually, Tambola is played with Numbers or figures being claimed and customers take out Numbers on their Cards.

In case, if you are enjoying Tambola with children then you can play by the number method, picture method, and others.

However, the variation known as kukuba expanded the extension of the game.