About Teen Patti Game

3 Patti is a card game, which is very popular in India. It was originated by Indians. It is similar to Poker yet different. You can play 3 Patti online with three to six players. The game contains 53 cards without jokers.

However, before the cards are given the boot amount is fixed and gathered from each player.

Players are next given three cards face down. As a 3 Patti game increases, the cash in the player increases and the champion gets to keep the player’s money.

In Teen Patti, the winner is the player who continues in the game till the hand is determined and has the finest hand according to the online 3 Patti card rankings. Each player shares their contribution to the boot money and gets three cards face-down.

Play 3 Patti games on the HOG app to be part of it. To begin, a player next to the dealer shares the cards and then proceeds in clockwise order.

A 3 Patti player has the opportunity to set a bet without looking at the cards. However, once the player elects to view his cards, they have the chance to play their ‘chaal’ for the progression of their game.

In 3 Patti, the player who places his money on a blind bet is called the blind player.

However, the player who places his bet after seeing the cards is called the seen player.


3 Patti Online Hand Rankings on the HOG App

Before you start your 3 Patti on the HOG app, make sure you understand its rules.

  • Online 3 Patti ranks from high to low

  • You need to set three of the same rank

  • Thereafter, you need to sequence them

  • After that, you need to sequence them in the run method.

  • You need to then determine their color

  • At this stage, make sure you pair two cards of the same rank

  • The final stage is too High Card

However, on the HOG app online 3 Patti sequence, A-K-Q is the highest and A-2-3 is the second-ranked sequence.